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My name is Paul, the founder of Bukos. We are located in Honolulu, Hawaii; and have a great group of people working with us.

Bukos started because I couldn't find Computer Glasses, or Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses -- there's a half dozen different names for them -- that met, what I thought were some basic requirements:

  1. An FDA Approved lens with all the coatings
  2. Relieve my sleep issues and eyestrain from staring at screens for 12-15 hours a day (While I worked in Silicon Valley at a Tech Startup)
  3. Stylish enough to look good in any environment
  4. Comfortable enough to wear to sleep in
  5. Durable enough to last, while still looking great

We started with one pair of glasses two years ago, and carefully added two more for a total of 3 models, all of which have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

There are very few glasses on the market that meet these requirements today, so we are very proud of what we’ve created, and how much they have helped improve the health of our customers. We hope you give us a shot, with our 100% money back guarantee it's a no brainer.

If you have any questions please email use the contact form here.

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Team Bukos