Protect your eyes while staring at digital screens as they emit harmful color wavelengths
Find relief from the side effects which include trouble falling asleep, eye strain, headaches, AMD, and back problems
Sleep Wearing 2-3 hours before bedtime can protect your eyes from screens on your computer, phone, gaming device,  or watching TV. Most say they fall asleep faster, while having a better quality of sleep
100% Money Back Guarantee on Bukos Computer Glasses
FDA certified lens with a blue light coating filtering 33-41%. It has a very faint -- while wearing,  most say is unnoticeable -- yellow tint, it won't distort other colors while wearing, like other, almost always unnecessary darker tinted lenses.
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Bonus -- Bukos Blue Blockers come with a very sturdy hard case and microfiber cloth for cleaning, retailing elsewhere online for over $10